Innovate Faster offers several standalone products that can be used to enhance your creativity and innovation.

Creativity Cards

These cards will help enhance and develop creativity as a life skill. They present prompts and challenges that can be used on a daily basis to make a shift to a more creative mindset. These 52 cards contain both process and meta skills. Process Skills included in this pack are: Creating a Vision, Sensing Gaps, Flexibility, Fluency, Originality and Allowing for Incubation. Meta skills included in this pack are: Being Mindful, Remaining Open to Novelty, Embracing Ambiguity and Playfulness.

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Ideas Notebooks

To help foster your creative thinking we have designed an Ideas Notebook. An Ideas Notebook is a place where you record all your ideas no matter how far-fetched they might seem. When you first see an idea you may not recognize its value. The Ideas Notebook also includes Imagination Block Busters. These are warm up exercises that help your imagination stretch and get ready to generate block buster ideas!

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