Does your company face challenges, look to accomplish a goal or desire to be more creative? Innovate Faster can help. Our facilitation and consulting services can help determine where you are in the creative process as well as determine what tools would be most effective for your team’s success.

Why use a facilitator?

In 1986 Robert B. Nelson and Roger K. Mosvick did research on meetings. Below is a list of ineffective things they found that commonly happen in meetings:

Getting off the subject No goals or agenda Too lengthy
Poor or inadequate preparation Inconclusive Disorganized
Ineffective leadership/lack of control Irrelevance of information discussed Time waste during meeting
Not effective for making decisions Interruptions Dominating individuals
Rambling, redundant, or digressive discussion No published results or follow-up actions No pre-meeting orientation

Almost 30 years later it seems these things are still happening!

Innovate Faster has experience facilitating successful meetings. We work with clients to:

  • Clarify

    Where you are in the process

  • Suggest

    Pre-meeting techniques that help team members get the information they need before the meeting. These techniques and tools also help to get people curious and even excited about your meeting.

After the pre-meeting stage, Innovate Faster comes to your meeting and as a neutral facilitator we:

  • Clarify

    We spend some time clarifying your goal, wish or challenge to make sure you are working on the correct challenge, wish or goal.

  • Generate Ideas

    We engage the whole team by using multiple tools that get ideas from your most outspoken to your quietest team members.

  • Develop

    We help the team shape and refine the ideas they choose to work on.

  • Implement

    We help the team put it all together by creating a plan of action.