Combining our expertise in innovation and learning/organizational development allows us to help you with training solutions such as:

  • Creating new training programs:

    We are happy to help customize training plans for programs such as new hire, management/leadership programs or custom built courses.

  • Reviewing and evaluating your current training programs:

    We can help determine if your programs would benefit from restructuring. Also, the addition of accelerated and/or experiential activities may add value to your current program and we can review that as well.

  • Blended learning:

    We can provide guidance as to whether a computer based module or Face to Face (or a combination of the two) would be best for your courses.

Organizational Change Management:

Once a project is complete there are often hurdles that your company may encounter. Organizational change management can help these initiatives. Included in these courses is the most up to date research in the field of positive psychology which supports your change management efforts.

Creative Consulting:

Help your team go from imagination to innovation by providing assistance every step of the way. Let Innovate Faster help your company:

  • Clarify your goal, wish or challenge:

    This will ensure you are working on the right goal, wish or challenge at the right time.

  • Generate Ideas:

    We use tools and techniques that help generate lots of ideas. Why do you want lots of ideas? Research has shown that the first third of ideas generated are the usual and common ideas. The next third are where we start to see the unusual ideas, but if we stretch our minds, the last third provides us with both unusual and sophisticated ideas.

  • Developing the right ideas:

    After generating all of those ideas, you will select which ideas are the ones to move forward with. Then you will polish and refine those ideas so they will be ready to implement.

  • Implement:

    We will help you and your teams create a plan of action. We will look at who might assist and resist the plan. This is really valuable information; we can leverage our assisters, determine why our resisters might be resistant and generate ideas for overcoming that resistance.

  • Celebrate:

    Our change management tools and techniques will help you celebrate your achievements.