Company Mission

Our mission at Innovate Faster is to help you go from imagination to innovation faster.

Company Vision

To facilitate and train creative thinking skills and tools that enable businesses and individuals to be able to innovate faster and be change leaders that encourage celebration of both successes as well as mistakes. We strive to teach skills that will make a difference both personally and professionally.

Company Values

At Innovate Faster our core values are:

  • We believe in being honest, transparent and displaying integrity in all of our work and services.

  • We believe that everyone is creative. Creative thinking and problem solving are skills that we all need and they are teachable. We also respect creativity and realize it is a gift that each of us has to share.

  • We believe that making mistakes is important for success and growth. Learn how to use setbacks as an opportunity for innovation.

  • We believe it is important to leave everyone who uses our services with processes and tools they can use on their own.

  • We believe that positive psychology is correct and that our main innovation tool – our brains, work even better when it is in a positive state. Celebrating successes both big and small will help people to embrace and even want to change.